Why Give?

      The Center for the Art of Translation champions the art of translation to transform publishing and student learning and connect readers, students, and audiences with great writing from around the world.

     Two Lines Press is dedicated to building a library of the best literature in the finest translations. From rising star Marie NDiaye to award-winning Danish author Naja Marie Aidt and long-forgotten Czech modernist Richard Weiner, the Center promotes excellence in and through translation.

      Many kids lack access to challenging, engaging literary programs like Poetry Inside Out, but we believe that all students deserve the chance to be successful. Poetry Inside Out brings world poetry and translation to students from elementary through high school, helping them become lifelong learners and skilled readers and writers.

      Two Voices events give readers an experience of international authors and translators presenting thought-provoking literature from around the world--in person and online.

     We hope you share our commitment to international literature and translation! By donating to the Center you join a dedicated community that believes in the power of translation to promote cultural understanding and educational achievement.

Two Lines Press

For twenty years, Two Lines has worked with leading translators to bring hundreds of world authors into English. With the twice-yearly Two Lines journal and multiple full-length titles each year, the press continues to play a vital role in the advancement of translation.

Two Voices

San Francisco’s only reading series focused on international literature, Two Voices brings world authors and translators to Bay Area and online audiences. From Gary Snyder to Robert Hass to Lydia Davis, Two Voices delivers essential voices in translation to new readers.

Poetry Inside Out

Poetry Inside OutReaching thousands of students since 2000, Poetry Inside Out brings translation directly to schools. Students learn to translate renowned poetry from languages including Chinese, Spanish, and Latin by working together and exploring language. PIO teaches the next generation of translators today!