Two Lines Press
  • The Complete #WITMonth Collection

    $195 $245.25

    In honor of #WITMonth 2020, we’re offering a very special deal for those who wish to celebrate in the grandest way: by purchasing every single Two Lines Press book authored by a woman. That’s 15 books for $195! There’s simply no better way to commit yourself to a month, a year, a lifetime of reading women in translation.

  • The Future of Asian Literature

    $54 $67.80

    Bringing together contemporary writers from Malaysia, Korea, Japan, and Thailand, this bundle provides a glimpse into the incredible work being written across Asia today. With a little help of some of the best translators around, you’ll explore moody adolescence in a Korean seaside town; a quiet Japanese village with some dark secrets; a forgotten Thai community living in the shadow of a skyscraper that comes together to take care of a boy after he is abandoned by his parents; and more. So much more.

  • Pride, Worldwide

    $32 $40.85

    These three novels—translated from Danish, Portuguese, and Czech—encompass nearly 100 years of gay literature in translation. Collecting books that are as challenging and beautiful as identity itself, it’s no coincidence that diversifying your bookcase also extends the horizon of literary possibility.


  • Nonfiction Without Borders

    $37 $46.85

    These three books derive creativity from the limits of categorization. Each work, in its own distinct way, boldly crosses borders—whether of memoir, history, or criticism—to create a literature that dramatically (and joyfully) thwarts preconceptions and expands possibilities.


  • The Marie NDiaye Collection

    $48 $59.80

    Whether you’re a devoted reader of Marie NDiaye’s hypnotic, beguiling stories, or a newcomer who wants to find out what this French phenomenon is all about, this is the best way to make 2020 your summer of NDiaye. But don’t take our word for it—take the word of award-winning author Idra Novey, who says, “Marie NDiaye’s Self-Portrait in Green is phenomenal.” Or best-selling author Caite Dolan-Leach, who says, “My Heart Hemmed In thoroughly consumes the reader with its lovely, spooky language.” Or Flavorwire, which states, “If any contemporary European writer is on the verge of Ferrante-like recognition, it’s NDiaye.” Make this your summer of NDiaye! Make it All NDiaye All the Time!

  • The Wolfgang Hilbig Collection

    $43 $53.80

    The desolate, haunted worlds of Wolfgang Hilbig, one of Germany’s best kept secrets, reflect history, identity, and trauma off their gritty surfaces. Hilbig’s “luminous” prose (New York Times), represented here in three novellas and one short story collection all in translation by the genius Isabel Fargo Cole, is an immaculately controlled storm of poetry in prose, imposing and awe-inspiring, that has earned praise from critics and writers such as László Krasznahorkai, Joshua Cohen, and Dustin Illingworth. Let’s add your name to that impressive list, shall we?

  • The João Gilberto Noll Collection

    $38 $47.80

    What is a life without the singular reading experience of João Gilberto Noll, a writer who Jenny Offill (Weather) calls “a hero of Brazilian literature” and Literary Hub calls “a master of prose”? Personally, we don’t care to find out. Broadly concerned with identity, refugeedom, and the artistic life, these four novels create hallucinogenic portraits of individuals seeking freedom, movement, and escape.