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Our Staff

  • Erin Branagan
    Communications & Development Director
    Erin Branagan has a lifelong interest in languages, literature, and the interrelation of countries and cultures. She speaks Spanish, French, and Japanese and has lived and traveled extensively outside the U.S.
  • Sarah Coolidge's Staff Photo
    Sarah Coolidge
    Associate Editor, Two Lines Press
    Sarah Coolidge received her BA in comparative literature from Bard College. She enjoys reading books in Spanish and English, and she writes essays on photography and international literature.
  • CJ Evans's Staff Photo
    CJ Evans
    Editorial Director, Two Lines Press
    CJ Evans is the author of A Penance (New Issues Press) and The Category of Outcast and received the Amy Lowell Poetry Traveling Scholarship and a Poetry Society of America Chapbook Fellowship.
  • Chad Felix
    Sales & Marketing Manager, Two Lines Press
    Before beginning his career in independent book publishing, Chad Felix spent a decade working in bookstores. He received his MA in Liberal Studies from the New School for Social Research.
  • Mark Hauber
    Program Director, Poetry Inside Out
    Mark Hauber has more than fifteen years of experience in the nonprofit and education sectors. A lifelong musician, he enjoys photography, ultrarunning, and reading.
  • Michael Holtmann's Staff Image
    Michael Holtmann
    Executive Director & Publisher
    Michael Holtmann has worked in the arts for more than fifteen years. Prior to joining the Center, he held positions at the National Endowment for the Arts and the Folger Shakespeare Library. He serves on the board of the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA) and the international programming committee of the Bay Area Book Festival.
  • Kelsey McFaul
    Public Fellow
    Kelsey McFaul is a PhD candidate at UC Santa Cruz, where she studies east African literature. Her work as a Public Fellow is funded by The Humanities Institute at UC Santa Cruz.
  • Jessica Sevey's Staff Photo
    Jessica Sevey
    Managing Editor, Two Lines Press
    Jessica Sevey has been able to develop a satisfying career in publishing that draws on her background in foreign language, love of books, and the creative urge to produce work of aesthetic and poetic beauty.
  • Winona Wagner
    Business Manager
    Winona Wagner is an avid bookworm, passionate about international literature and the power of storytelling. She is an advocate for the arts: literary, visual, and performing.
  • Leslie-Ann Woofter's Staff Photo
    Leslie-Ann Woofter
    Event Manager, Two Voices
    Leslie-Ann Woofter developed an interest in literature in translation from her graduate studies of the role of images in translation processes in sixteenth-century Mexico. She loves bringing people together in conversation around the things she adores.
  • “Telling is almost always done as a gift..." — Javier Marías (tr. Margaret Jull Costa)

Our Board

  • Michael Carabetta's Staff Photo
    Michael Carabetta
    Former Creative Director, Chronicle Books
    Michael Carabetta’s work has received recognition from AIGA, the professional association for design, and has appeared in a variety of design publications. He has conducted design workshops and lectured at design schools and universities across the country.
  • Barbara Paschke
    Barbara Paschke has been involved in translation for many years, as both a translator and translation advocate. Her publications include Riverbed of Memory; Volcán; Clandestine Poems; New World, New Words; and literary travel companions to Costa Rica, Cuba, and Spain.
  • Illustration of a man with dress shoes tied together
    Robin Pille
    Technical Writer, Splunk, Inc.
    Robin Pille grew up speaking Dutch at home and has traveled extensively abroad. She reads widely across many categories of fiction and nonfiction, with a particular interest in speculative fiction and children’s literature. Through her other volunteer work with Reading Partners Robin shares her love of reading with children, helping them discover that reading can be a joyful, life-long adventure.
  • Olivia Sears's Staff Photo
    Olivia E. Sears
    Board President & Founder
    Olivia E. Sears is the founder of the Center for the Art of Translation and served as editor of Two Lines for twelve years. She is a translator from Italian.
  • Stephen Sparks
    Owner, Point Reyes Books
    Stephen Sparks is co-owner of Point Reyes Books with his wife, Molly Parent. In addition to serving on the Center's board, he is a board member of Dorothy, a publishing project, and Open Letter Books, and he has served as a juror for various literary prizes and awards, including the National Book Award for Poetry and the Best Translated Book Award.
  • Caroline West
    Former Director of Institutional Research, UCLA
    Caroline West has always been interested in serious literature, but since retirement she has focused on literature in translation. Several years ago she embarked on Philip Ward’s list of 500 great works of world literature, which opened her eyes to classics outside the Western canon. As a companion project, she’s on the qui vive for the best recent fiction and poetry in translation.