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Current Volume: Two Lines Spring 2016

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“An appetite-whetting sampler of authors whose work any serious reader cannot afford to be without.” — Oscar Villalon, ZYZZYZVA

Two Lines continues its two-decade-long tradition of excellence, hand-picking the best from translation’s acknowledged masters and world literature’s up-and-comers.

Among the delights in Issue 24 we have Swiss modernist C.-F. Ramuz—whose face is seen on Swiss currency—offering an electrifying chapter of his tragic novel, Jean-Luc Persecuted.

NYRB Classics editor Jeffrey Yang provides an insightful essay on the persecuted Uighurs of Central Asia.

The poem “Lidless Coffins with No Bodies” and an excerpt from Rabee Jaber’s powerful novel Confessions tell of harsh realities in the Middle East.

And Nobuko Takagi’s bizarre, gender-bending tale “Tomosui” is like nothing you’ve ever read.

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Table of Contents: Two Lines Spring 2016


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