Center for the Art of Translation Staff:

Michael Holtmann, Executive Director
mholtmann [AT] catranslation [DOT] org

CJ Evans, Two Lines Editorial Director
cjevans [AT] catranslation [DOT] org

Jessica Sevey, Two Lines Production Editor
jsevey [AT] catranslation [DOT] org

Mark Hauber, Poetry Inside Out Program Director
mhauber [AT] catranslation [DOT] org

Scott Esposito, Two Lines Publicity Director & Senior Editor
sesposito [AT] catranslation [DOT] org

Sarah Coolidge, Poetry Inside Out Coordinator & Online Editor
scoolidge [AT] catranslation [DOT] org

Erin Branagan, Communications & Development Director
ebranagan [AT] catranslation [DOT] org


Mailing Address:
Center for the Art of Translation
582 Market St., Suite 700
San Francisco, CA 94104
T (415) 512 8812 F (415) 512 8824

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