From the Two Lines Press Blog: the Scoop On the Two Lines Journal Redesign

Posted on September 12, 2016 by Two Lines Press

The Fall 2016 issue of the Two Lines journal is out this week, and it's full of changes. It's got a new look, with added color and original languages incorporated into the design.

Managing Editor Jessica Sevey, who oversaw the new design, is interviewed on the Two Lines Press blog about how it all came about:

What made Two Lines decide to redesign the journal?

We’ve wanted to add color to the journal for a while—to make the text stand out but also as another way to differentiate the languages. This specific design came from discussing how we could distinguish each poem and excerpt in a creative way. We started working with a talented designer, Isabel Urbina Peña, who specializes in typefaces (she has designed her own)—and so the titles of the pieces are one of the first things you notice, the unique design and layout of the type.

What are the specific challenges of redesigning a multilingual journal of translation?

We wanted to maintain the en face layout for the original language and English translation, and though some interesting ideas for layout came up in the redesign—one idea was to overlay the English translation over the original language, for instance—we knew that we wanted to be conscious of the readability of each piece. It was important to balance the new design with functionality, making sure each excerpt and poem was presented as it was originally meant to be read. We were conscious of preserving the original spacing, line breaks, and line lengths of poems, for instance, rather than trying to create a perfect alignment across the languages.

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