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1 Thing You Can Do to Keep Arts Education in SF Schools

Posted on November 3, 2014, 02:25:00 PM by Mark Hauber

Funding for arts education in California is among the lowest of all 50 states--despite the fact that having arts in schools keeps students engaged and learning. But many cities, including San Francisco, have come up with solutions to make sure that all students have access to arts activities. Because of what we have witnessed in Poetry Inside Out classrooms when kids are exposed to creative lessons, we strongly support the renewal of Proposition C on the November 4 ballot. Read on to learn more about what Prop C means for the city. If you're a San Francisco voter, we hope you'll join us!

In 2004 San Francisco voters approved the Public Education Enrichment Fund (PEEF) to provide funding to improve the quality of education for San Francisco’s children. The Fund provides sports, libraries, arts, music, health services in schools, gives families access to preschool, and supports hundreds of local community organizations in every neighborhood in the city. On November 4th voters will be asked to renew this measure by voting yes on Proposition C. A Yes vote will guarantee funding for PEEF for the next 25 years – without any increase in taxes.

PEEF has impacted the lives of thousands of students and their families across the city:

  • PEEF-funded Pre-School For All has helped close the opportunity to gap to attend preschool, with 83% of the city’s four-year olds attending vs. 74% nationwide. Particular gains were made among African-American and Latino students (attendance rising to 80% from 68% and 54%)
  • Since 2005, the Pre-School For All has served a total of 25,000 students at nearly 150 sites.
  • PEEF funding allowed San Francisco Unified School District to increase the number of elementary arts teachers by 50%. The share of middle school students accessing arts classes has increased by 11%.
  • The number of SFUSD full-time equivalent credentialed teacher librarians more than tripled since PEEF funding began, lowering the student-to-librarian ratio to 788:1. The number of library books borrowed by SFUSD students is more than one million every year.
  • PEEF has enabled San Francisco Unified School District to triple the number of social workers and nurses serving grades K-8, decreasing the student-to-support professional ratio from 1,401:1 to 444:1.

Learn more about this important measure and vote Yes on C this Tuesday.